Friday, August 20, 2010



St. Petersburg Florida based Avanta Studios has provided creative web and TV production services for over ten years. AVANTA STUDIOS has worked on numerous productions and has recently moved into the DRTV arena. Direct Response TV is exploding, and has had one of its best years on record in 2010. Founder and CEO Roc Hatfield has always wanted to promote a product on TV with the 800 number blazing across the screen and the words “operators standing by to take your order” spoken by the announcer. “The right product never seemed to really stand out” Hatfield says. Most DRTV products lack the profit margin required to keep the expensive advertising going. Hatfield believes he now has the right product, which enjoys a 10 to 1 profit margin.

The RF SuperBooster, is a high tech electronic device that can boost a cell phones’ reception and reduce dropped calls. The RF SuperBooster is based on advanced RFID Technology and is easily attached to the back of a cell phones’ battery. The 1.5 inch square antenna booster easily fits into any cell phone and is designed to increase the cell phones reception and eliminate the dreaded dropped call. Dropping calls is a huge problem for cell phone users both in the city and the country. Large buildings can be a cause of dropped calls as well as wide open spaces. 

“The RF SuperBooster is an inexpensive high tech device ($14.95+S&H) that can enhance the cell phone’s reception”, claims it’s promoter. All the major carriers have been spending millions on TV addressing the problem of dropped calls. Through various comical skits they all unanimously claim that if you change your contract and sign with them that you will have more bars, MORE BARS.. the Holy Grail in the cell phone business. “Changing carriers could cost you hundreds of dollars depending on the status of your contract, why not try the RF SuperBooster that costs less than a tank of gas. 

The RF SuperBooster should provide most people more bars, but if you're not 100% satisfied with the product, send it back for a full refund", states Hatfield. You might remember another cell phone booster sold on TV a few years ago that made claims of improved performance. Hatfield says that, "The RF SuperBooster should not be compared with any previous product. This is an advanced electronic device not a toy". Look for the RF SuperBooster on a  TV commercial near you soon.