Thursday, January 19, 2012



AVANTA STUDIOS designs, manufactures and markets all of its own products. The company focuses on those Gizmos & Gadgets seen on cable TV. Who doesn't remember Billy Mays pitching everything from Mighty Putty to the Jupiter Jack. Direct Response Television or DRTV has exploded in recent years and is now seen as a fast track strategy for getting new unknown products into major retail chain stores.

AVANTA STUDIOS has had good success with this strategy with its RF SUPERBOOSTER. The company now sells the RF SUPERBOOSTER directly to large National chain stores. The company introduced the RF SUPERBOOSTER to TV audiences in the summer of 2010 and with its As Seen On TV cred went on to be a featured product in many As Seen On TV product sections inside retail stores. A new and growing trend is a section in the retail store that focuses on As Seen On TV products. Many major retailers like Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others have put these well advertised products up close to the cash registers. DRTV and Retail is a match made in Heaven.

The FRIDGENATOR is an advanced Refrigeration Management System. Basically a cardboard box filled with tablets made from natural mineral compounds that we call ABSORBITE. This amazing compound controls humidity, eliminates harmful gases like Ethylene and controls odors. Ethylene gas is what makes food spoil, and the FRIDGENATOR eliminates 100% of the ethylene gas within a refrigerator. A number of products like Green Bags and Plastic sealing containers have addressed these problems but the FRIDGENATOR is the only product that you can put in your Refrigerator and leave for 6 months. AVANTA STUDIOS is currently working on TV commercials and production issues and expects to have the new product on shelves and on TV in the first quarter of 2012. There are billions of ice boxes around the planet and everyone needs a FRIDGENATOR.

 UPDATE:  FRIDGENATOR is now Available at  Amazon is selling the FRIDGENATOR in the Home & Kitchen section. Fridgenator is offered and shipped by Amazon. National TV spots will direct buyers to purchase FRIDGENATOR from the Amazon website.