Thursday, December 29, 2011



 The ZOMBIE WAFFEN story is based on actual historical facts as chronicled in the Roc Hatfield book series "ATLANTIUM". The books look into a range of subjects from Ancient Aliens to Modern Mysteries. While researching for this series Roc pieced together an incredible story of how the SS in WWII were a cult based group that used a number of psychic groups to channel high tech data and knowledge to scientists. The famous Nazi scientist Werner Von Braun who later became head of the early NASA, said that he and his associates got ideas and information from "them", referring to ET's. The U.S. Government kept all of this amazing information Top Secret and much of it is still highly classified today.

More recently the Wiki Leaks, "Cablegate" memos revealed that the U.S. maybe in a war with some advanced technologically superior race based in Antarctica. A number of diplomatic cables describe armadas of advanced disc shaped craft emerging from the sea and flying at amazing speeds to all points on
the globe. One General was quoted as saying they could fly pole to pole in an hour. Are these strange craft operated by the ET's that Werner Von Braun referred to, known as the Vril? It turns out that the Vril or Nordics as they are also called because of their white hair and skin have been around for at least 3000 years. These are the mythic people that Hitler wanted to learn everything he could about. He had teams of scientists and archaeologists dispatched around the world to seek out knowledge about these people. He was convinced they were the Atlantians. Everything Hitler and the SS did was related to finding these ancient people and tapping into their advanced knowledge. He felt that it was the key to building his technologically advanced new utopian society.

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