Sunday, October 7, 2012



AVANTA STUDIOS best known for it's DRTV  "As Seen On TV" products like the RF SuperBooster and the FRIDGENATOR is now getting behind a new product. NanoSave N1 Ultra High Performance Motor Oil Additive, is thought to be the World's first Nano-Engineered Motor Oil. The company just finished producing a Commercial for client N1 Technologies Inc. of Daytona Florida  that looks like it came from the Future. That's the point say company officials, the ad is titled THE FUTURE IS NOW. 

N1 Technologies wants everyone to know that Nanotechnology is the future of oil additives. This point is driven home very well in the new video campaign. Avanta Studios has been engaged to provide a complete suite of production services. A TV series sponsored by N1 Technologies is in the works, titled SHIFT. The series will feature amazing autos, boats and bikes, along with their owner/drivers. NanoSave N1 will be the anchor advertiser. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012



AVANTA STUDIOS puts the finishing touches on the National DRTV commercial for its revolutionary RF SuperBooster. AVANTA STUDIOS designs and markets all its own proprietary products. The company based in Clearwater Florida with the tag line, "Advanced Marketing Solutions" is launching the marketing for an advanced RF device that attaches to the inside or outside of any cell phone. Once attached the RF SuperBooster can greatly improve a cell phones performance, by reducing the dreaded dropped call and extending a phones range. The company is shooting for a nationwide ad campaign to start in the first quarter of 2011. AVANTA STUDIOS is currently working on a half dozen various DRTV style products that it hopes to introduce in late 2011 or early 2012.
Since 1961 Direct Response Television (DRTV) has grown from just a few million in sales to nearly 200 billion dollars a year!!! Who would have ever believed That Debbie Meyer could sell over 250 million GREEN BAGS on Television at $10 dollar a pop – or that a blanket with sleeves would have sold over 4 million units in just 4 months – or that those amber vision sunglasses would have reaped 150 million in sales? 

Over the years there have been countless Direct Response Television success stories and today’s “As Seen on TV” products can earn hundreds of millions of dollars of profits - and those profits are going directly into the pockets of a few promoters and a handful of savvy investors. Avanta Studios, a premier Multi Media Marketing company founded in 1997, is now putting its marketing strategies and internet skills to work in the DRTV arena. The company's first AS SEEN ON TV product is the RF Super Booster.

The RF Super Booster, should not to be confused with any previous product or device, and is the first internal cell phone antenna booster based on advanced Radio Frequency Identification Technology. This powerful antenna system is printed on a special adhesive paper that can be easily attached to the back of any cell phone and acts like a 4 foot external antenna!  In addition, the RF Super Booster can be used on Tablets, Smart Phones, “Laptop Computer Data Cards” and “Cordless Telephones” to enhance and improve wireless reception. 

Avanta Studios has built an e-commerce site that will be the primary landing page for internet orders. The company hopes to drive traffic to the site with prompts from the 60 second TV commercial. This along with an aggressive email marketing campaign should deliver the customers. Every cell phone owner needs this product and Avanta Studios is ready to deliver.


Thursday, April 5, 2012


Avanta Studios Producing New DRTV Format

Avanta Studios was incorporated in 1997 and has been providing advertising and marketing services ever since. Avanta started producing Direct Response TV commercials and Infomercials a few years ago. Now to date, Avanta has a number of National As Seen On TV Sellers such as The RF Super Booster and the Fridgenator.  All products are invented, patented and owned by the company.

Avanta Studios is currently pioneering a new kind of infomercial it has dubbed a Docu-mercial. This advertising format is a 1 hour or half hour self contained program that is aired on various cable and internet outlets. Avanta negotiates directly with cable networks for the purchase of one hour or half hour time blocks. The program currently in production is Titled ATLANTIUM and is a magazine style show that is based on the Best Selling Books by Avanta Studios CEO Roc Hatfield.

ATLANTIUM will have 10 long form (2 Minute) commercials promoting Avanta products like the RF SuperBooster and Fridgenator embedded into the hour program. The ATLANTIUM is a popular book series that looks into the mysterious and unexplained. The program should attract a large and affluent audience, the perfect demographic for marketing the company's As Seen On TV products.

Thursday, January 19, 2012



AVANTA STUDIOS designs, manufactures and markets all of its own products. The company focuses on those Gizmos & Gadgets seen on cable TV. Who doesn't remember Billy Mays pitching everything from Mighty Putty to the Jupiter Jack. Direct Response Television or DRTV has exploded in recent years and is now seen as a fast track strategy for getting new unknown products into major retail chain stores.

AVANTA STUDIOS has had good success with this strategy with its RF SUPERBOOSTER. The company now sells the RF SUPERBOOSTER directly to large National chain stores. The company introduced the RF SUPERBOOSTER to TV audiences in the summer of 2010 and with its As Seen On TV cred went on to be a featured product in many As Seen On TV product sections inside retail stores. A new and growing trend is a section in the retail store that focuses on As Seen On TV products. Many major retailers like Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others have put these well advertised products up close to the cash registers. DRTV and Retail is a match made in Heaven.

The FRIDGENATOR is an advanced Refrigeration Management System. Basically a cardboard box filled with tablets made from natural mineral compounds that we call ABSORBITE. This amazing compound controls humidity, eliminates harmful gases like Ethylene and controls odors. Ethylene gas is what makes food spoil, and the FRIDGENATOR eliminates 100% of the ethylene gas within a refrigerator. A number of products like Green Bags and Plastic sealing containers have addressed these problems but the FRIDGENATOR is the only product that you can put in your Refrigerator and leave for 6 months. AVANTA STUDIOS is currently working on TV commercials and production issues and expects to have the new product on shelves and on TV in the first quarter of 2012. There are billions of ice boxes around the planet and everyone needs a FRIDGENATOR.

 UPDATE:  FRIDGENATOR is now Available at  Amazon is selling the FRIDGENATOR in the Home & Kitchen section. Fridgenator is offered and shipped by Amazon. National TV spots will direct buyers to purchase FRIDGENATOR from the Amazon website.