Thursday, April 5, 2012


Avanta Studios Producing New DRTV Format

Avanta Studios was incorporated in 1997 and has been providing advertising and marketing services ever since. Avanta started producing Direct Response TV commercials and Infomercials a few years ago. Now to date, Avanta has a number of National As Seen On TV Sellers such as The RF Super Booster and the Fridgenator.  All products are invented, patented and owned by the company.

Avanta Studios is currently pioneering a new kind of infomercial it has dubbed a Docu-mercial. This advertising format is a 1 hour or half hour self contained program that is aired on various cable and internet outlets. Avanta negotiates directly with cable networks for the purchase of one hour or half hour time blocks. The program currently in production is Titled ATLANTIUM and is a magazine style show that is based on the Best Selling Books by Avanta Studios CEO Roc Hatfield.

ATLANTIUM will have 10 long form (2 Minute) commercials promoting Avanta products like the RF SuperBooster and Fridgenator embedded into the hour program. The ATLANTIUM is a popular book series that looks into the mysterious and unexplained. The program should attract a large and affluent audience, the perfect demographic for marketing the company's As Seen On TV products.