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AVANTA STUDIOS Creates New Form of DRTV Ads

AVANTA STUDIOS combines DRTV and Content to form a "Documercial"

TAMPA BAY, Fla., Jan. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Avanta Studios of Tampa recently announced a new and innovative type of infomercial. The pioneer in advertising and marketing since 1997 has developed the Docu-mercial. The Docu-mercial is a 1 hour or half hour self contained program that is aired on various cable and internet outlets and that includes advertising for selected products.

Avanta Studios CEO Roc Hatfield and his team developed this new way of product marketing to stand out and get attention in a very crowded TV and online marketplace. This innovative Direct Response TV method presents a documentary style program and fills the advertising time during this program with the ads for chosen products. It is an informative show plus a marketing vehicle all rolled into one. A unique aspect of this type of promotions is that Avanta negotiates directly with cable networks for the purchase of the one hour or half hour time blocks and then produces the Docu-mercial for the client.

Currently Avanta is producing a program titled "Atlantium", a magazine style show that is based on the bestselling books written by Roc Hatfield. The "Atlantium" series of books deals with mysterious and unexplained phenomenon and has proven to be very popular with readers. The one-hour "Atlantium" Docu-mercial will deal with the material covered in the books and include 10 long form (2 minute) commercials promoting several Avanta products like the RF SuperBooster and the Fridgenator. According to Avanta Studios CEO Roc Hatfield, the "Atlantium" program will attract a large and very affluent audience, and this demographic is perfect for promoting many of Avanta's As Seen On TV products.

Those interested in learning more about Avanta and the innovative Docu-mercial format can visit the Avanta website. The company is also on Facebook and Twitter.


Avanta Studios was founded in 1997 and is a leader is advertising and marketing services. Avanta is a pioneer in Direct Response TV commercials and infomercials and is a leader in inventing and promoting many As Seen On TV products.

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